General Eye Care

Some people tend to take their visual health for granted, only going to see their eye doctor when there is already a problem. In order to keep yourself in the best health visually, you should plan to see your eye doctor regularly for an eye examination. Many diseases are hard to detect until damage has already been done, so it is important in these cases to catch them early on. The regularity of your visits are determined by your health, family history, age and ethnicity. If any changes occur in you vision between regular visits, take it seriously and notify your doctor.

We recommend that you see your eye doctor yearly, or bi-yearly depending on your health. Your doctor will let you know when would be best for you to come back. During your eye exam, your doctor will perform a screening for common conditions. You will generally be screened for common conditions such as dry eye syndrome, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal diseases. In addition, your doctor will test your eyes to determine if you need glasses or contacts. Your doctor will discuss with you the findings and take any further steps necessary.